July 22, 2018 – Vallformosa

Cava is not only for special occasions. We like it on special celebrations, but also in our day to day, because we think that everything fits with cava.

And to begin with, we have tried it with one of our favourite dishes: sushi.

Did you know that ‘sushi’ actually means “sour” in Japanese? It refers to the rice dipped in vinegar, sugar and salt, which we eat together with fish. It is the star dish of Japan, where there is even a University dedicated to this culinary art: to become Itamae (the name of the chefs who cook sushi), students are two years educating themselves on how to cook rice, and then three years learning the elaboration of the fish. In total, five years dedicated to the study of sushi, to be able to end up recognizing even the quality of a fish just by seeing it. In addition, it is a university where only men can study, since in Japan they do not let women cook sushi. The theory is that women have higher temperature of the hands and therefore they alter the taste of rice, and although scientifically it has been shown to be a false theory, many girls who want to cook sushi have to do it outside their country .

How to eat sushi?

Traditionally, the typical sushi is with tuna, although the most requested in Europe are salmon and avocado. In Japan there is no avocado, and it was the Norwegians who introduced salmon into sushi in the eighties.

In addition, the Japanese eat sushi with their hands and in order: they start with the fish with the lightest flavor and they increase until they reach the strongest (that is, from the white fish to the pink and finally the red fish). They also combine it with ginger, between pieces and pieces to enjoy each flavor from zero.

We have chosen Vallformosa Col·lecció Pinot Noir, a floral, fruity and cheerful cava to combine it with this dish. In addition, it is a cava that pairs perfectly with the fish, so it is the perfect companion.

Do you dare to try it?