December 20, 2019 – Vallformosa



From Old French gale, ‘rejoicing, merriment, pleasure’.

  1. Showy, outstanding dress.
    2. A party for which gala dress is required.
    3. In Spanish, gracefulness, panache and gallantry in doing or saying something.
    4. In Spanish, artistic action of an exceptional nature.
    5. In Spanish, the most exacting, exquisite and select aspect of something. Isabel is the gala girl of her village.
    6. In Mex., P. Rico y Dom. R. Spanish, a gift made in the form of a low-value coin to someone for having stood out in a particular ability, or as a gratuity.
    7. pl. Suits, jewels and other luxury items possessed and flaunted.
    8. pl. In Spanish, gifts given to those about to enter into marriage.
    9. pl. In Spanish, salt. Flowers of herbaceous plants.


Vallformosa is surrendering to Christmas with a special limited edition of one of its iconic cavas, Gala Brut Nature Reserva. For this occasion we have given it a new bespoke suit. A special dress. Quite edgy, yet without losing Gala’s golden essence. With this cava we would like to wish you all the best for the new decade that is beginning. Because we are revisiting the Roaring Twenties. Because we are setting out on a fabulous year, 2020!

This is why we have at least 20 reasons for drinking a toast with Gala:

  1. Because it can illuminate any table.
  2. To surprise your family and friends with a good Reserva wine.
  3. Because it brings luck to toast with cava, and even more so with Gala.
  4. To raise a toast with any excuse, no need to celebrate anything specific.
  5. But if we do have something to celebrate, let’s do it in style with Gala!
  6. Like, for example, entering a new decade. A great reason for a toast!
  7. For a return to the Roaring Twenties.
  8. For the joy of those bygone days and for those that are coming now.
  9. Because it is the perfect pairing for any dish.
  10. Because it is elegant and, hey, a bit of glamour is cool, don’t you think?
  11. Because it is a rounded, greatly balanced cava.
  12. Because it is also suitable for veggies.
  13. Because we are wise and like things to be done well, like this cava.
  14. But we also have that touch of rapture and madness.
  15. Because it goes great with grandma’s broth.
  16. And with dad’s cannelloni.
  17. Because we are pure effervescence and love a bubbly flow.
  18. Because it’s not just for these festivities. We will have days and days of Gala.
  19. Because we can’t imagine a grand soiree without cava.
  20. Because we need no further reasons for drinking a toast with cava. Now and always. Cheers!