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Bubbles and geometric shapes take centre stage in the new presentations of the Origen Brut Nature, Col·lecció Brut Nature Reserva and the rosé Col•lecció Brut Pinot Noir cavas
Vallformosa Cava is presenting three new special editions for this Christmas. Its Origen Brut Nature, Col·lecció Brut Nature Reserva and Col·lecció Pinot Noir cavas are decked out in special, colourful and festive designs with a modern and unique twist that retain the fluorescent features premiered in the Clàssic de Vallformosa sparkling wines, reinforcing the #bebubble spirit synonymous with partying, fun and quality. Placed under ultraviolet light, the bottles come to life and sparkle with light and colour.

The Col·lecció cavas, of which the Brut Reserva has been distinguished as the best Reserve Cava in Catalonia by the Vinari Awards, present a design featuring a metallic texture of coloured rings symbolizing the bubbles these cavas embrace. The Col·lecció Brut Nature Reserva and the Col•lecció Pinot Noir can be found in food retailing outlets.

Moreover, l’Origen Brut Nature Reserva, a cava aged for more than 15 months and sold exclusively in specialized shops and restaurants, is contained in a new presentation during these Christmas festivities. The new bottle’s special design stands out for featuring up to three new geometric presentations that play with multi-coloured squares, circles and crosses. The bottles will be placed randomly in 6-bottle boxes.

The Vallformosa brand is validated by 150 years’ experience in wine growing and in making cavas that are premium quality yet manifest an unconventional, radical character of their own. Cavas with a youthful spirit for enjoying at all times, boosted by the care taken to achieve utmost quality throughout the process. In fact, Vallformosa exerts total control over the cava-making process, from the vine to the bottle. It produces 100% of the must that goes into its cavas and does so under the strict control of the technical department. This quality is endorsed by the number of international awards and distinctions it has won in recent years and by the quality and environmental certifications it has obtained.
Col·lecció Brut Nature Reserva, a sparkling wine aged for more than 24 months. It displays white fruit aromas with citrus and white flower hints melding with light aniseed and toasted notes resulting from the ageing process. In the mouth it is fruity, unctuous, dry yet fresh. For its part, the Col·lecció Brut Pinot Noir rosé is a lively, very fruity cava. Strawberries and raspberries define a delectable, luscious cava. Ideal for the best pasta dishes and also when paired with appetizers.
Origen Brut Nature has been aged for more than 15 months and is distinguished by green apple, pear and pineapple aromas. Also perceptible are notes of brioche and nuts, the result of ageing in the bottle. In the mouth it is full-bodied, dry, complex, fruity and balanced. This cava is the perfect pairing for any meal.


Classics are always in style, but we wanted to emphasize the joyous and youthful spirit of Vallformosa giving the Classic a cool touch changing its design.

The design

This has been commissioned by the well-known designer Mario Eskenazi, who has used old fluorine printers to make the labels. In particular, the wooden letters that were used to make the old posters of the Liceu in Barcelona, ​​since Vallformosa is closely linked to the history of this city.

Does people love the Clàssic?

To present the ‘new’ Classic, we organized a visit to the cellars with influencers from different fields. They were able to see the whole process of cava making, how it is done, and after a performance with fluor made by artist Beo Beyond, they saw the design of the Classic exclusively and they could try it. Here there are their reactions!

Not only by itself

And the Classic loves us by itself, but also when we can combine it with other ingredients to give it a different touch, especially now in the summer. Do you like a cocktail at night, on the beach? We also give you some ideas so you can enjoy it at home.


Cava is not only for special occasions. We like it on special celebrations, but also in our day to day, because we think that everything fits with cava.

And to begin with, we have tried it with one of our favourite dishes: sushi.

Did you know that ‘sushi’ actually means “sour” in Japanese? It refers to the rice dipped in vinegar, sugar and salt, which we eat together with fish. It is the star dish of Japan, where there is even a University dedicated to this culinary art: to become Itamae (the name of the chefs who cook sushi), students are two years educating themselves on how to cook rice, and then three years learning the elaboration of the fish. In total, five years dedicated to the study of sushi, to be able to end up recognizing even the quality of a fish just by seeing it. In addition, it is a university where only men can study, since in Japan they do not let women cook sushi. The theory is that women have higher temperature of the hands and therefore they alter the taste of rice, and although scientifically it has been shown to be a false theory, many girls who want to cook sushi have to do it outside their country .

How to eat sushi?

Traditionally, the typical sushi is with tuna, although the most requested in Europe are salmon and avocado. In Japan there is no avocado, and it was the Norwegians who introduced salmon into sushi in the eighties.

In addition, the Japanese eat sushi with their hands and in order: they start with the fish with the lightest flavor and they increase until they reach the strongest (that is, from the white fish to the pink and finally the red fish). They also combine it with ginger, between pieces and pieces to enjoy each flavor from zero.

We have chosen Vallformosa Col·lecció Pinot Noir, a floral, fruity and cheerful cava to combine it with this dish. In addition, it is a cava that pairs perfectly with the fish, so it is the perfect companion.

Do you dare to try it?