150 Gran Reserva – Vallformosa


“Keeping the secret for 150 years deserves something a little different, unexpected and magical. It was on a night of full moon, as he was strolling through the vineyards, he thought… “We’ll make the most magical Cava ever made and into every bottle we’ll slip a little drop of partying, happiness, madness and this moonlight”

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Cava Brut Gran Reserva


Traditional method. Aged an average of 30 months on its lees.


A pale yellow colour with greenish reflections, clean and bright. Continuous and persistent bubbles; their small size gives the Cava refinement and elegance, creating a lively and continuous rosary.


Highly complex, with notes of white fruit, such as apples or pears; a smooth blend of the ageing bouquet obtained from the secondary fermentation, giving it an elegant natural feel in the nose. At the same time, citrus and flora aromas give the Cava freshness and expresses the personality of the Vallformosa 150 Gran Reserva.


A smooth entrance with fine bubbles, delicate and silky on the palate, gradually becoming creamier; along with the typical acidity of Cava, this gives it long-lasting aromas, freshness and flavours that persist over time, obtaining a well-rounded and balanced Cava. There is a long and pleasant aftertaste with retronasal aromas of fresh fruit and flowers.


Ideal to accompany all kinds of dishes especially seafood, fish and rice dishes. It also pairs well with meats, especially red meat. It goes well with all types of deserts. Serve between 6 and 7 °C.


GOLD – SMV Canada 2016, Quebec – Canada

GOLD – 2016 Gilbert & Gaillard, France